After SIX YEARS THE GAME IS COMPLETE! Well, it's in a Beta build at the moment but all levels and bosses are in and can be played from start to finish! I'm leaving the game in Beta until I can get some feedback for tweaks to make for the final build. There are also a few minor things needed to be fixed (achievements are not working 100%) and the ending graphic is a placeholder. But who cares? THE GAME IS DONE!

PLAY THE FULL GAME HERE! Fullscreen Recommended! 


One boss and some finishing touches left to go! I am determined to have this game finished soon!  New gameplay photos have also been added.


It's been far too long but this project (unlike its creatures) is not dead! I am making amazing progress and wrapping up the final section of the game right now! New screen shots have also been added to the game's page. 

Also, the game was also mentioned on the blog The Obscuritory. Check out the site and read Phil Salvador's write-up on the original HCRC!


I will be releasing a new demo soon with the worlds 1-6 and five bosses. Many improvements and difficulty adjustments have been made, so this will be a significant update!


A new demo is up which includes the first four worlds and bosses with many bug fixes. TRY IT HERE!


Another demo is up! This includes many game play improvements and the first four worlds and three bosses!   


A new demo is up and includes the first two worlds.


Added new screenshots to the games page. A new demo should be up next month!


The game is progressing slowly but steadily. Currently working on world 3.


I am hobbyist game developer and enjoy making pixel art.        I have been creating games since 1999 using software such
as Klik n Play, the Games Factory, Construct and currently Construct 2.